What is regarded as religious persecution?

Religious persecution is systematic harassment or other cruel treatment of an individual or group of individuals due to their faith, religious beliefs or due to the fact that they fail to profess any or a specific faith. It can be considered the opposite of freedom of religion.

Religious persecution comes in the following forms:

  • Coercion to profess a specific belief/form of religion
  • Prevention of people professing a certain belief and showing this outwardly
  • Violence against religious groups or persons due to their faith
  • Social discrimination due to the faith of an individual
  • Discrimination at work due to the faith of an individual
  • Confiscation/destruction of property on religious grounds
  • Incitement to hatred against religious groups/individuals due to their faith
  • Arrest/imprisonent on religious grounds
  • Torture/harassment on religious grounds
  • Punishment on religious grounds
  • Insults/defamation on religious grounds
  • Intimidation on religious grounds
  • Deportation on religious grounds

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